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Hosted by Alek Dinesen, Rise & Thrive is a 30-minute early morning virtual deep-dive discussion related to peak health and performance. Each month covers a separate arena of whole person wellness, including nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and behavior. Get actionable strategies for improving your health, engage with the host, and connect with our community.

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Here's a look at the next twelve months of Rise & Thrive

MAY 2024: Optimizing Your Nutrient Absorption, Second Brain, & Microbiome

JUNE 2024: Chrononutrition - Synchronizing Your Nutrition, Biology, Circadian Rhythm, & Lifestyle

JULY 2024: Building Dynamic Fitness to Craft a Functional Life

AUGUST 2024: Promoting & Safeguarding Longevity & Healthspan

SEPTEMBER 2024: Optimizing Metabolic Efficiency, Resetting Your Set-Point, & Sustainable Weight Loss

OCTOBER 2024: Embracing the Functional Properties of Foods for Strategic Functions
NOVEMBER 2024: System Improvement of Reduced Toxin Load & Exposure for Systemic Health

DECEMBER 2024: Boosting Mood, Cognition, & Brain Health with Nutrition & Lifestyle

JANUARY 2025: Improving Hormone Balance

FEBRUARY 2025: Transitioning to a Plant-Forward Diet for Peak Health & Performance

MARCH 2025: Installing Effective, Transformative, & Sustainable Habits for Success

APRIL 2025: Mastering the Essentials - Sleep, Hydration, & Stress Management

Optimizing Your Nutrient Absorption, Second Brain, & Microbiome

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Digestion, neuroendocrine, protective interface, elimination, & the microbial ecosystem.


Improving digestion & enhancing nutrient absorption efficiency.


Establishing a thriving microbiome & immune system.


Investigating the gut-brain axis for a better brain.

Hosted by an expert in health science

Alek Dinesen, MS, RDN, CSCS

Alek is a storytelling scientist with a background in nutrition and exercise science. With nearly a decade of graduate school training and years of experience, his greatest strength is bringing evidence-based science to life. With Rise & Thrive, Alek presents innovative and proven scientific knowledge in actionable ways to help members apply science to their life and optimize their health.

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