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Functional Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Unleash your full health potential with our evidence-based functional nutrition and fitness coaching. Alek provides individualized attention and support, guiding you towards sustainable lifestyle changes and peak performance.

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Self-Paced Online Wellness Programs

Ignite your wellness journey with our dynamic online programs, designed to empower and inspire. From workouts to expert guidance, our platform offers the flexibility and resources you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Consulting & Corporate Wellness

Transform your workplace into a hub of vitality and productivity with our consulting and corporate wellness solutions. Elevate employee engagement and well-being through tailored programs, workshops, and initiatives.

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Owned and operated by Alek Dinesen, SUMMIT WAY is a virtual wellness practice that combines evidence-based nutrition and exercise science with effective behavior change strategies to sustainably optimize health & performance.

Hey there! I'm Alek, and I'm not your average dietitian

There's too much radical misinformation floating in the ether of social media and the internet. You deserve validated, reliable, and evidence-based guidance for your journey to health. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and highly educated in the realm of nutrition and exercise science. I am the founder of SUMMIT WAY and I use a comprehensive, functional, and integrative approach to investigating the underlying causes of suboptimal health and utilize evidence-based science as my directive for optimizing wellness and crafting sustainable habit and behavioral change. I am a husband and father of two and believe that health is the most significant gift one can give to themselves and the world around them. I help men, women, athletes, and companies thrive with optimal health

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