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Weekly, monthly, and annual coaching with Alek for nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle modification.

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A La Carte Nutrition & Fitness Services

Purchase single 1:1 coaching sessions, custom meal plans, and personalized fitness programs.

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SUMMIT solutions for everyone

Men's Health 

From fertility and weight management to aging gracefully, we help the modern man master his health journey with evidence-based practices.

Women's Health

Whether you're navigating fertility, prenatal care, postpartum challenges, or the phases of menopause, we empower women with knowledge, strategies, and resources to optimize health.


For athletes, tactical professional, weekend warriors, youth athletes, and elite performers, our performance services are crafted to elevate your abilities.

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We take a functional and evidence-based approach to help you...

Craft Sustainable Health Habits

Empowered to forge sustainable habits that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, creating a foundation for lasting wellness

Fuel Your Body Optimally

In control of your nutritional journey, fueling your body with purpose and precision to achieve optimal vitality.

Develop Functional Fitness

Free to embrace authentic fitness, where strength and resilience are nurtured, not just in the gym, but in every facet of your life.

Build Health Confidence

Comfortable in your body, cultivating confidence that radiates from within, allowing you to be fully present and self-assured in every moment

1:1 Coaching Subscription

Unlock the power of consistent support and guidance with our 1:1 Subscription Coaching plans. Choose from weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions to receive personalized coaching tailored to your unique goals and needs.



per month

  • 60-Minute¬†Initial Consultation
  • Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Nutrition Strategy
  • Custom Fitness Plan
  • Functional Meal Plan
  • Integrative Lifestyle Modification
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • 24/7 Text & Email Support



per month

  • 60-Minute¬†Initial Consultation
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Nutrition Strategy
  • Custom Fitness Plan
  • Functional Meal Plan
  • Integrative Lifestyle Modification
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • 24/7 Text & Email Support



per year

  • Full Year of Personalized Coaching
  • 90-Minute Wellness Assessment
  • 26 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Strategy
  • Customized Fitness Plan
  • 24/7 Concierge Wellness Services
  • Family Wellness Plan
  • Emergency Consultations

A La Carte Nutrition & Fitness Services

Tailored Solutions for Your Wellness Journey. Customize your wellness experience with our A La Carte Nutrition and Fitness Services. From initial consultations to personalized meal plans and fitness programs, choose the services that best suit your needs and goals.

Initial Consultation


  • 60-minute comprehensive assessment of your nutrition, fitness, health, goals, and lifestyle.
  • Personalized action plan and goal setting.

Follow-Up Session


  • 40-minute follow-up session to track progress and make adjustments.
  • Ongoing support and accountability.

Custom Meal Plan


  • Tailored meal plan based on your dietary preferences, restrictions, and goals.
  • Recipes, grocery lists, and nutritional guidance.

*No 1:1 coaching involved.

Personalized Fitness Plan


  • Customized workout program designed to fit your fitness level, goals, and schedule.
  • 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week program offerings.

*No 1:1 coaching involved.

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Hey there! I'm Alek, and I'm not your average dietitian

There's too much radical misinformation floating in the ether of social media and the internet. You deserve validated, reliable, and evidence-based guidance for your journey to health. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and highly educated in the realm of nutrition and exercise science. I am the founder of SUMMIT WAY and I use a comprehensive, functional, and integrative approach to investigating the underlying causes of suboptimal health and utilize evidence-based science as my directive for optimizing wellness and crafting sustainable habit and behavioral change. I am a husband and father of two and believe that health is the most significant gift one can give to themselves and the world around them. I help men, women, athletes, and companies thrive with optimal health

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