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Discover the optimal way of fueling your body for your unique goals with educational modules, strategies, and functional meal plans.


Boost all areas of physical fitness with strategic functional fitness routines designed to augment your nutrition efforts and optimize your results.

Crafted by experts. Built on science. Designed for sustainable success.


Meticulously crafted to ensure every aspect of your health and fitness journey is covered.

Personalized Approach

We understand that wellness is not one-size-fits-all. Our programs are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Comprehensive Content

Each program is a blend of nutrition education, fitness training, and lifestyle modifications. We provide a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of wellness.

Progressive & Systematic Training

Our programs are built on the principles of progressive overload and periodization. This means that you'll experience gradual and consistent improvements.

Fitness/Nutrition Expert Guidance

Developed by professionals, our programs offer the expertise of registered dietitian nutritionists and certified strength and conditioning specialists.

Flexibility & Convenience

Our online format offers the flexibility to train and learn at your own pace and on your schedule. This makes it easier to incorporate wellness into your busy lifestyle.

Community Support

With SUMMIT WAY, you're not alone on your journey. Our programs foster a sense of community, providing a platform for sharing and supporting.

Measurable Success

We emphasize tracking and measurable outcomes. By setting clear goals and tracking progress, you can see tangible improvements.

Innovative & Engaging Methods

We continuously update and refine our programs with the latest research and innovative training methods.


Focus: Weight Loss
Duration: 12 Weeks

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with SLIM, where you'll discover effective weight loss strategies and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Tailored nutrition and exercise plans ensure sustainable results, guiding you towards your ideal weight with ease and motivation.

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Focus: Strength Training
Duration: 12 Weeks

FORGE is a comprehensive 12-week program designed to enhance your physical strength and muscular endurance. Through personalized workouts and expert guidance, you'll unlock your body's potential, build lean muscle, and emerge stronger than ever.

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Focus: Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Duration: 12 Weeks

PULSE Offers a dynamic 12-week cardiorespiratory endurance program focused on improving your heart health and stamina. Experience a variety of running modalities and training techniques, paired with cross-training, that will take your endurance fitness to new heights.

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Focus: Healthy Aging & Longevity
Duration: 12 Weeks

VITAL is a 12-week program dedicated to promoting healthy aging and longevity. Gain insights into nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices that enhance your well-being and promote healthy aging, helping you to thrive and maintain vitality throughout the golden years.

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Focus: Perimenopause
Duration: 12 Weeks

Navigate the challenges of perimenopause with HARMONY, a wellness program tailored to your unique needs. Discover holistic and effective approaches to manage symptoms, maintain hormonal balance, and achieve a sense of harmony and well-being during this challenging phase.

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Focus: Fertility & TTC
Duration: 9 Stages

SEED is a specialized fertility wellness program designed to support and enhance your reproductive health. Through targeted nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, you'll create an optimal environment for conception and embark on your journey towards parenthood.

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Focus: Pregnancy
Duration: 40 Weeks

GROW offers a comprehensive 40-week program to support you throughout your whole pregnancy journey. From prenatal nutrition to safe exercise routines and happiness training, this program helps you maintain your health and well-being, ensuring a smooth and joyful pregnancy experience.

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Focus: Postpartum Recovery
Duration: 12 Stages

THRIVE is a postpartum recovery and wellness program, designed to help new mothers regain their strength, balance, and well-being. With a focus on physical recovery and optimal fueling, THRIVE guides you through this challenging and exciting phase, empowering you to emerge stronger.

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